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Important Charter Info for S. Florida 

Unfortunately, there is a new trend with new/inexperienced guides using online booking agencies to book trips. We are seeing them paying 25-35% per trip to the booking service.

and also pricing the charter too low to begin with. What this equates to for the client is most likely going to be a Capt that cannot afford to go the extra mile for you, maintain their equipment or vessels. Professional independent guides are actually pretty affordable in comparison and will work harder to make your day enjoyable. I strongly urge anyone considering booking a fishing charter in Florida whether its Offshore,Inshore or freshwater to do a little research ahead of time. Im always willing to provide a referral to a professional guide anywhere in the state when asked.

Summertime means prime fishing season in South Florida, where anglers have access to a variety of species and fishing techniques. Here are some of the top summertime fishing opportunities in the region.
One of the most popular summertime fishing opportunities in South Florida is peacock bass fishing. These brightly colored and aggressive fish can be found in freshwater canals and lakes around Miami and are a favorite among catch-and-release anglers. Anglers can use a variety of lures and techniques to target these fish, including topwater plugs and jerk baits.
For those looking for a more challenging experience, there is goliath grouper fishing. These massive fish, which can reach up to 800 pounds, are found in both nearshore and offshore waters and require heavy tackle and plenty of patience. Grouper fishing is challenging in the Florida Keys, and South Florida and anglers will need to use heavy line and big baits to catch these fish.
Snook and tarpon are two more species that anglers can target during the summertime in South Florida. These fish can be found around docks, bridges, and inlets, and can be caught using live bait or lures like surface plugs or soft plastics. Tarpon can also be caught offshore by trolling live bait or using artificials.
Anglers looking for near shore fishing opportunities in South Florida can target false albacore and kingfish. These fish are found within a few miles of the coastline and can be caught by trolling lures or using live bait. False albacore are known for their hard fights, while kingfish can be targeted using planers and wire leaders.
If you're planning a summertime fishing trip to South Florida, be sure to check out Swamp to Sea. We offer a variety of guided fishing trips in the region and can help you target some of the top species in the area. From peacock bass to goliath grouper and everything in between, we've got you covered for an unforgettable fishing experience. 


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It’s said that Palm Beach is the best of two opposing worlds, it’s home to vibrant nightlife and ecological wonders such as an estuary and soft sand beaches. However, it’s the region’s shallow waters, referred to as Flats, that secures this destination on the angler’s to do list. A variety of fish, such as Snook and Tarpon, inhabit the region’s shallow waters ...


Palm Beach County is at the epicenter of epic Florida fishing. The summertime is one of the peak times to come to this fishery and experience everything from backwater bass and exotics to snook and tarpon. From its backcountry estuaries and nearshore underwater structures, and to the offshore zones, the continental shelf, and the Gulfstream, Palm Beach has a range of ...


As we gear up for another great year here at Swamp to Sea Guide Service we start setting our eyes on the January 2019 fishing opportunities here in Palm Beach, Florida. January is considered the middle of winter here in this part of the state, and in this...

3 Reasons to get on the water this summer

We put our smart hats on and developed the top 3 reasons to get on the water and head out this summer. Let’s dive in:

Florida Peacock Bass Fishing: A History

The Peacock Bass was introduced to Florida’s lakes and streams during 1984. This non-native member of the Bass family is revered for their golden hue and black spots. Moreover, these fish are considered a rare catch for most, but worth scouring Florida’s banks to reel-in. Peacock Bass are most likely to be caught in canals and lakes throughout ...

Palm Beach County Inshore and Freshwater Report for the 2nd Week of August

The weather is about as hot as it gets but the fish haven’t minded much especially early in the day. Peacock bass have been eating everything offered from shad to shiners, artificial and flies. My anglers averaged 30+ fish per trip with most action coming between 8am and 10:30 multiple peacocks over 5lbs were caught this week. In addition to the peacock bass the...