​South Florida Fishing Calendar 

Experience the abundance of fishing opportunities in South Florida throughout the year with our comprehensive breakdown of each month. Planning your fishing trips strategically is crucial for success, and understanding your target species is the first step towards organizing your fishing charter. Our forecast covers the Palm Beach and Broward counties, encompassing renowned fishing destinations like the Florida Everglades, the Lake Ida Chain, the Lake Worth Lagoon, the Loxahatchee River, Stuart, and the Indian River, along with their surrounding bodies of water. Stay informed about the best options available each month, ensuring you make the most of your fishing experience. Discover the key to successful fishing in South Florida with our detailed fishing calendar.


(despite what some "guides" may tell you to get a trip booked) The middle of winter can go a lot of ways in Palm Beach and is far from prime peacock fishing season. Some days are cold & some are hot, but fishing can be a blast. The main targets would be inshore fish like snook, black drum, sheepshead, croakers, snappers, and the occasional redfish. It is possible to catch Peacocks, but the best bet for freshwater would be to let me take you into the 'glades for a day with the gators and other species including cichlids, peacocks,bass,bowfin etc. The best bet for the winter months is to book the day and duration you want and be open to the type of fishing that will give you your best chance at success. if your heart is set on peacocks book beginning/mid summer or in the fall for almost guaranteed chances.


This month is much like January, except the bass fishing can be hot! In addition, the alligator alley fishing gets going, targeting too many species to name. The largemouth bass and clown knife fish bite here in Palm Beach will be good, with some peacocks mixed in. There is plenty of action in the saltwater inshore, and it can be a great time to collect some fillets for the dinner table. Snook, sheepshead, and snapper fishing remain steady throughout February. 


March is a big fish month, the spring mullet run is headed north, and the monsters are swimming with them. Giant Tarpon, Snook, and Jacks will make you second guess your life decisions while they pull some serious drag. March also brings along the beginning of the spinner shark migration. These powerful fighters can be targeted off the beach on bait or fly. As the water warms, the Peacock bass fishing picks up, alongside clown knife fish and sunshine bass. The 'Glades fishing will be outstanding in March and into the next few months, with plenty of +200 fish days on the fly and artificial. 


There are no significant changes from March, still an excellent month to fish just about everywhere - except the ocean due to typically high winds; however, the inshore saltwater and lakes are sheltered and unaffected. The spinner shark migration will be in full effect and can make for some exhilarating sight fishing on bait or fly. 


May is a great month to catch peacock bass, snook, and jacks. May also offers better days with less wind, allowing us to head offshore to the wrecks. Jigging and live-baiting the nearshore wrecks can produce anything from African Pompano, Sailfish, and Blackfin Tuna. Swamp to Sea doesn't run a dedicated offshore charter, so the days spent out there is a bonus!  


The best bet for the next two months is a saltwater inshore trip. The nighttime snook and tarpon fishing is very consistent throughout the summer months. Also, the inlets are packed with thousands of spawning snook. There is plenty of opportunity offshore as well, with plenty of fly fishing opportunities. Bonitos, Blackfin Tuna, and Mahi Mahi are plentiful and all willing to eat a fly. June fishing is the time to hook fish on the 12wt that you sometimes can't stop.


The summer pattern continues with flat seas and tons of action. It gets very hot, so Swamp to Sea offers morning and night inshore trips this month for snook. As with almost every month of the year, we can still target peacock bass and clown knife fish from your list.


August is near the end of spawning for giant snook, but you still have great chances to target them and other species roaming the inlets. On the north end of Palm Beach County, the glass minnows show up, bringing along shots at tarpon, jacks, and snook. This can be a fantastic trip on a calm day with light winds. While August isn't the best for largemouth bass, the peacock and clown knife fishing is still good. 


One of the most incredible things you can experience in fishing is the Florida mullet run. Millions of silver mullet migrate south along the beaches, with every major predator following right behind them. Giant tarpon doing backflips, Spinner sharks launching through with their mouths open, and jacks and snook getting their fill. Indeed something straight out of national geographic.  ​


The mullet run continues, and the bait pushes back in the estuary waters. Big Snook and Jacks are the targets around docks and seawalls. October is the absolute best time of the year for peacock bass and probably the best month for fishing.


Very similar to October, with great peacock fishing and good inshore light tackle fishing. Snook, black drum, sheepshead, croakers, etc. 

*October and November are two of my most busiest months, please book a trip in advance.*


The best fish to target this month will depend on cold fronts; we have had years with incredible peacock bass fishing in December and slower years due to cold water temps. It's a great time to jig the inlets and see what we can pull up. In the winter, we have caught grouper, snapper, sheepshead, pompano, african pompano, redfish, permit, and lots more.