Fly fishing for Peacock Bass 

Peacock bass are great to catch while fly fishing in Florida. They are aggressive and put up a great fight. When selecting a fly, it is important to consider the water clarity, nearby baitfish, and fish activity level. When the water is cleaner, it is best practice to pick a fly with more natural colors. Light green and brown flies are very productive for peacock bass as they imitate baby largemouth bass and small cichlids. When the water is murky, bright colors work best. Bright yellow, green, and even pink entice a peacock bass to eat. When the fish are very active, a popping fly can produce some serious eats. Some of the best flies for peacocks are made by Enrico Puglisi, also known as EP Flies.  But in my experience, a trusty clouser minnow can get the job done for any species in the lake. 

The best Lures for peacock bass

Peacock bass can be caught on a plethora of lures, flies, and of course live bait. But if you are targeting peacock bass with artificials, here are some of the best lures to use. One of the best lures for peacock bass is a Rapala X-Rap. This subsurface lure imitates a fleeing or wounded baitfish that drive peacock's crazy. The best colors are shad, white, and chartreuse. Another great lure is any topwater bait. Poppers and spooks drive fish crazy and trigger explosive topwater action. Throwing a popper over a bedding peacock bass is a great way to entice a strike.