Fly Fishing Florida 

When it comes to fly fishing in Florida, there's no place quite like it. With its abundant waterways and diverse fish species, Florida offers a paradise for fly anglers of all levels. From the sparkling coastal flats to the winding canal systems and lakes, the Sunshine State has something to offer every angler's taste. Whether you're targeting the iconic tarpon, the elusive snook, or the feisty peacock bass, Florida's waters are teeming with opportunities for unforgettable fly fishing adventures. With our year-round warm climate, you can enjoy fly fishing in Florida any time of the year. Your guide, Captain Patrick is a die hard fly fisherman and an expert on both fresh and saltwater fly fishing. 

Everglades FreshWater Fly Fishing

Fly fishing in the Florida Everglades is a captivating experience that every angler should indulge in. Nestled within this vast wilderness, the Everglades offers a unique blend of stunning natural beauty and abundant aquatic life, making it a fly fishing paradise. With its intricate network of sawgrass lined canals, lakes, and rivers, the Everglades presents an array of opportunities for fly anglers of all skill levels. The best time to fish in the northern Everglades is February through May. While the area is not known for its large fish it makes up in quantity. Fish catches can frequently exceed triple digits from the variety of species who call the everglades home. Common species to catch on fly are largemouth bass, warmouth, oscars, peacock bass, bowfin, and panfish. We typically use a 3wt or 4wt fly rod which is the perfect setup for the occasion. Another bonus is the abundance of wildlife you will see. There will be a countless number of alligators, turtles, deer, racoon, and variety of birds. This is a perfect trip to experience the beauty of the Florida Everglades and a great opportunity to introduce a kid into the outdoors. 

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​Palm Beach Saltwater Fly Fishing

Palm Beach County has an extensive intracoastal waterway and easy access to the Gulfstream, making it one of Florida's top fly fishing destinations. In the summer time, snook patrol the crystal clear beaches along the Florida coast which makes for great sight-fishing. They can be found along the beaches between Jupiter and Boca inlet, along with a variety of other species including, tarpon, jack, and spanish mackerel. The intracoastal offers year-round opportunities to catch large jack crevalle, snook, and tarpon. In addition, Palm Beach has some of the best night time fly fishing opportunities because of the plentiful bridges and dock lights. When the weather permits, heading offshore to target pelagic species is a must. Palm Beach is the closest point of the Eastern United States to the western edge of the Gulfstream. This means mahi-mahi, sharks, tuna, and bonito can be caught within a mile from the shore.