palm beach county fisherman on a charter with peacock bass
hooked up to a giant
wood stork in cypress

Alligator alley Fishing and Wildlife

From late feb to early may a trip to the nothern everglades would be my top choice. This area is not known for giant fish but it makes up for that in sheer numbers. catches into the triple digits is normal and species include largemouth bass, warmouth,oscars,peacock bass, bowfin, and all the normal panfish. ultralights and flyrods shine here with a fish on  almost every cast being the normal rate at times. another bonus to the area is you will see a lifetime supply of alligators and normally people see so many they stop pointing at them after an hour. deer, birds,racoons and other wildlife encounters are very common. IF you want to get a kid into fishing and the outdoors this is the trip!!

Palm beach fly fisherman holding a largemouth bass
osprey on nest in everglades
alligator having snack

​Palm Beach Saltwater Fly Fishing

 Because Palm beach county has four inlets jupiter, lake worth, boynton and boca- the salt options can be endless depending on the season. Offshore there are sharks, bonitas, blackfin tunas and lots of other species. Inshore the main targets are snook, jacks, and tarpon. Night time is the right time to beat the heat and look for snook and tarpon around the docks and the bridges. 

kids with alligator

Capt. Patrick Smith

​​Ph: 561-503-0848


Palm Beach Fly Fishing Charters

Capt Patrick is a diehard fly fisherman! He's not just a guide who will let you bring a rod along to mess around. Let me show you why South Florida is such an amazing place to chase fish on fly, whether freshwater fishing the almost endless canals in the Osbourne, Clarke or Ida chain of lakes for peacock bass and largemouths or heading out to the glades in search of multiple species including bass, oscars, cichlids, warmouth and all the panfish you could want while being surrounded by alligators the entire time. You're sure to love it. Certain times of the year it's not unusual to see catches well over 100+ fish.