If you want to experience the wildest hunt available in South Florida this is it. Fair chase, public land, no guns and wild alligators!!  

This year's alligators will be hunted on Lake Okeechobee. 

We get a very limited number of tags each year and hunts take place from Aug. 15th- Oct. 31.

10 tags left for 2018

Call or Email for available dates

We hunt from a new 25ft skiff with plenty of space for a party of up to four hunters with

all equipment is included.


'Gators 9ft+ (sometimes they are 11ft) $1600, normally this is a 4-6 hour trip

If you want to trophy hunt for an alligator no less than 10+ft its $2200, plan on two 4-6 hour trips although sometimes it happens a lot faster.

Anyone planning to get hands-on during the hunt will need a trappers agent lic. that costs $52.50

Processing: I will be happy to deliver your gator to a processor for you. They charge

different fees each year but ballpark figures are: 

  • Meat vacuum packed $3lb
  • Skin salted and ready for tanning $15 per ft
  • Tanned skin $45 per foot

This hunt is safe for the whole family and you are sure to make memories that will last a lifetime.

a female alligator hunter
alligator hunting couple
alligator hunting family trip
A florida alligator hunt with child

Capt. Patrick Smith

​​Ph: 561-503-0848

Email: captpatrick@swamptosea.com 

The Absolute best prices on wild south Florida gator hunts!

a couple florida alligator hunters
palm beach county fisherman on a charter with peacock bass