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INTRO to Palm Beach Flats Fishing

It’s said that Palm Beach is the best of two opposing worlds, it’s home to vibrant nightlife and ecological wonders such as an estuary and soft sand beaches. However, it’s the region’s shallow waters, referred to as Flats, that secures this destination on the angler’s to do list. A variety of fish, such as Snook and Tarpon, inhabit the region’s shallow waters.

The Palm Beach Flats 
are made up of a slowly sloping Continental Shelf. This shallow coastline is populated with sandbars and deeper silky pockets where fish school for protection. These waters are also known as Tidal Flats. Often, low tide reveals miles of silt bottom seafloor, however, during high tide, the coast becomes a  shallow pool.

The region’s Flats are renowned for the World’s best wade fishing. “There’s no bond with nature like standing in the water and feeling a Snook struggle on the line,” states a Palm Beach local. It’s the region’s flat sandy sea floor that allows the angler to venture off from the bustle of the shoreline and bond with the elements. Due to the shallow waters and variety of fish that may be reeled-in inshore, wade and fly fishing are ever popular sports among Palm Beach anglers. 

While in Palm Beach, expect to reel-in Snook, Tarpon, Mackerel, and big Jack Crevalle from the shallow waters. The catch and release snook game 
continues to be productive along the region’s inshore Flats.  Palm Beach’s Snook tend to bite a bit more at dusk. 

Mangrove Snapper swarm these shallow waters. These coppery colored fish are known to spawn inshore and juvenile specimens may be easily caught along the Flats.   Additionally, many of Palm Beach’s anglers have had a great deal of success catching Mangrove Snapper with Sardines.  Palm Beach’s Mangrove Snappers are said to be early birds and are most active at dawn, but you know the saying: the early angler gets the fish.

Palm Beach is home to many attractions such as the Palm Beach Pier. The pier a phenomenal place to reel-in the days’ catch and soak-up local history, the pier has gone through several owners and renovations since the Twenties. Moreover, the region’s Flats present some of the ocean’s best catches. Instead, the angler is rewarded with Snook, Tarpon, Mackerel, and big Jack Crevalle.

palm beach county fisherman on a charter with peacock bass