Ready to Fish? Get Started Here

Ready to Fish? Get Started Here

Florida is the Number One Peacock Bass Fishing Destination in the USA!

Palm Beach County Florida and the Lake Ida chain fishery is the premiere destination for peacock bass fishing guide services in the entire country. Swamp to Sea Guide Service provides peacock bass fishing charters several days per week to both local and global anglers. Your number one consideration before hiring a peacock bass fishing guide should be experience and positive reviews. Captain Patrick Smith has both.

Florida Peacock Bass Fishing Guides: Reviews

"GREAT charter.. most peacocks I've caught in a day and all great sizes." Alex on Facebook

Details: Florida Peacock Bass Fishing Guides

Peacock Bass were introduced to South Florida in 1984. As kids we followed the tanker trucks around our stretch of the canal as they periodically stopped and flooded out hundreds of Peacock Bass fry. The idea was that these Peacock Bass would help curb some invasive freshwater fish species, as well as vitalize the sport of freshwater fishing in the South Florida inland areas.

Decades later, the Florida Peacock Bass has become one of the top freshwater gamefish in not only South Florida, but in the United States. For resident fishing guides, most of which were either growing up or just starting out when the fish were released, have seen the progression first hand. These guys are who you would consider the best Florida peacock bass fishing guides you can find. 

Swamp to Sea Guide Service's own Captain Patrick Smith is one of these pioneering Peacock bass fishing guides. If you are looking to scratch this species off your bucket list, look no further.

"Always a great time & catch with Captain Patrick!"

Raychel on Facebook​

"When it comes to fishing, Capt. Patrick is extremely knowledgeable and experienced. You are sure to get fish and have a great time if you book with Swamp to Sea Guide Service."

​Audrey on TripAdvisor

"We had an excellent day out with Captain Patrick! We highly recommend his trips. You will have the greatest time, catch loads of fish and make awesome family memories. It was the highlight of our trip to Florida!"

​Farah on Facebook

Lake Ida Fishing Guides

Lake Ida is a nationally renowned Bass fishing lake, but is also part of a greater system called the Osborne-Ida Chain of Lakes. In this system, anglers can find peacock bass, largemouth bass, bluegill, clown knifefish, redear sunfish, oscars from South America, spotted tilapia from Africa, and Mayan cichlids from Central America.

Native anglers like Captain Patrick Smith have been drawn to this area their entire lives. In this, the best quality fishing guides in the Lake Ida chain have been developed from these same homegrown anglers. 

Lake Ida is also part of the E-4 Canal System. The canal systems in South Florida are part of a water management project, but for anglers in the area - these canal systems are also a freshwater gamefish super highway. Lake Ida is a large body of water in this system that attracts these canal going fish and has created a sportsman's paradise for  freshwater fisherman of all ages and skill levels.

Capt. Patrick Smith

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"We took our 2 kids, 6 and 9, out with Captain Patrick and had the BEST DAY EVER! The 4 hours flew by as we were ALL busy catching fish. Cpt. Patrick is not only a pro, he is so much fun and made us all feel so welcome and capable.

He showed us techniques to help improve the experience and gave our kids so much confidence - our 9 year old caught an 8.5lb bass and (....wait for it...) a 20lb catfish.

To quote her "One of the BEST days of my life".
Book your trip with Cpt. Patrick. You'll be glad you did! 
We will be back out with him again, next time we are in Delray!

WiseGuys1234 onTripAdvsor

palm beach county fisherman on a charter with peacock bass