palm beach county fisherman on a charter with peacock bass

Palm Beach Summertime Fishing

Palm Beach County is at the epicenter of epic Florida fishing. The summertime is one of the peak times to come to this fishery and experience everything from backwater bass and exotics to snook and tarpon. From its backcountry estuaries and nearshore underwater structures, and to the offshore zones, the continental shelf, and the Gulfstream, Palm Beach has a range of habitats that has created an incredibly diverse fishery. In the summer, this fishing here really heats up.

catching tarpon in palm beach

Capt. Patrick Smith

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Summertime tarpon are highly active in Palm Beach, Florida. Weather using live crabs or baitfish, flies, of soft baits that mimic baitfish Tarpon fishing is epic in the channels, flats, or along the beaches.

Palm beach summertime fishing for tarpon
palm beach bass fishing in the summer
palm beach snook fishing

Places like Lake Ida, and its chain of lakes, offers freshwater anglers shots at largemouth bass, peacock bass, bluegill, gar, clown knife fish, and many others.  

Snook like warm water and structure. Palm Beach has plenty of both. In the summer snook fishing gets amped up alongside schools of baitfish. Find the baitfish and a snook is nearly a guarantee during this time of year (and in the right location). 

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